Monday, September 13, 2010

Photoshop beauty oily skin making ideas

This Photoshop tutorial is to provide ideas, do not remove dead dogma, if you think that picture material pixels too low, users may wish to use their photos, along with the author's ideas to create, see whether it can shine effect.

Look at the renderings and artwork:

Effect Picture


1, open the original image in CS3.

Figure 1

Copy layer, image - adjustment - the shadow / highlight, set in Figure:

Figure 2

2, use your best at the technical dermabrasion require relentless grind, do not consider what texture, texture.

Figure 3

3, switch to LAB mode (Image - Mode-LAB color), select the lightness channel, Ctrl + A Select All, Ctrl + C Copy.

Figure 4

4, Back to the Layers panel, a new layer, Ctrl + V paste the lightness channel, add the mask, a mask with a bucket filled with black, change the layer transparency;

Select the brush tool, white, and reduce the opacity of the brush and flow, slowly clashes skin, white skin.

Figure 5

Rub well and then change the layer transparency, not looked like one dead white skin.

Figure 6

5 to be cleaned stop loading mask constituency, tuning curves, making the skin more fair.

Figure 7

6, back to RGB mode, back layer, copy the green channel.

Figure 8

7, implementation of the filter - Other - High contrast retention, as shown:

Figure 9

8, then the implementation of images - using image, model: light.

Figure 10

9, the implementation of two application images, will channel a marquee, anti-selection.

Figure 11

10, back to layers panel, select the back layer, Ctrl + J copy the constituency, the implementation of curve, the skin looks crystal clear through shaving.

Figure 12

11, back layer, the implementation of the image - calculated, as shown:

Figure 13

12, implementation of the filter - Artistic Effects - Plastic packaging.

Figure 14

13, then the Executive Levels

Figure 15

14, Ctrl + Alt + ~ extract high-light part of the curve adjustment with high light.

Figure 16

Finally back layer, add mask, brush and clashes with the high-light, basically completed.

Figure 17

Finally, you can add borders decorated according to personal preference. Final results!

Effect Picture

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